Apple Added 700 New Price Points to App Store for Developers

Apple is restructuring the pricing and plans for the developers globally. Today, Apple has announced 700 new price points for 45 currencies and 175 storefronts. According to experts, these new price points will benefit developers as they will have more flexibility now. 

With the new App Store price changes, Apple will allow the developers to maintain or manage the local currency and taxes in different countries. This is the first time Apple has announced a huge Changement in the App Store pricing since its first launch.

1. Apple announced a total of 700 additional price points and pricing tools for developers.

2. New price points will let the developers manage their apps with great flexibility.

2. Apple’s new pricing update for the App Store will benefit the apps offering auto subscription renewals.

Changes in App Stores for Developers with Apple’s New Announcement

There are a lot of changes that will take place after Apple’s new announcement on their App Store price points. This is the first time Apple has made changes to the price points since the App Store release. 

According to Apple, this is the biggest upgrade to App Store pricing, which will let the developers freely manage their apps and subscriptions. Apple announced the new changes to the App Store on Tuesday, 06 December 2022. 

Apple’s App Store New Price Points

The first major change that will take place in this upgrade to App Store pricing is the price points. Apple has added 700 additional price points, which are around x10 more than the previous price points. 

How Will App Store Price Points Benefit Developers?

The new App Store price points will greatly benefit iOS developers. Now, the developers will be able to manage a lot of stuff like price changes, region, currency, and taxes with ease.

Since Apple will allow developers to manage and set prices per App Store based on their local currency, region, or country, the developers will now have the freedom to make accurate changes and manage their taxes, foreign exchange rates, and more.

What are the Minimum and Maximum Price Points in App Store?

The App Store was launched in 2008, and it has been one of the best and most comprehensive pricing updates in the update since then. 

With new price points and some existing price points, Apple’s App Store app’s pricing will now begin from as low as $0.29. When it comes to the maximum price point, it can go as high as $10,000. 

However, to set the maximum price for their app, developers have to make a request to App Store or Apple’s team, which will then allow them to collect as high as $10,000 from the user. 

App Store Price Points Table

The App Store’s new pricing table consists of a total of 700 price points, including 100 existing points and 600 new points. The price point begins at $0.29 and increases by $0.10 for every price point.

App Store New Price Points Table (USD):

Price StepsLowest Supported PriceHighest Supported Price

Apart from the basic price points, which end at 0.99 or X.99, Apple has added more price convections like 0.90, 0.00, or even X.90 for developers to allow them freely specify the prices for the subscriptions.

App Store-Supported Price Conventions:

Price StepsLowest Supported PriceHighest Supported Price

Apple’s App Store Price Cut Changes

There will be no price changes in Apple’s price cut for publishing apps on the App Store. Apple will keep charging a fee of 15 to 30 percent on all the transactions like subscriptions, paid apps, and in-app purchases. 

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