Apple Users Must Pay $11 for Twitter Verification

Twitter will charge $11 for the verification badge on their platform. The charge $11 charge is specifically announced for Apple iPhone users. $11 will be a monthly payment that users have to pay for the verification badge.

The official Twitter handle of Twitter has announced that it will relaunch Twitter Blue on Monday for $11 to get access to subscriber-only features, including the Blue Checkmark.

Furthermore, Twitter will charge Android users $8 per month to access the Twitter Blue exclusive features as well as the Blue tick. Users will also be unable to change their Twitter username, display name, or profile picture for seven days after purchasing the Twitter Blue plan.

Twitter Blue, Gold, and Grey Checkmarks Announced

When users buy the Twitter Blue monthly subscription, their account will be reviewed manually by the Twitter employees, and they will be allotted different checkmarks, depending upon their account type.
The table below indicates the checkmark for different account types:

Blue Tick Gold Tick Grey Tick

Individuals, Celebrities Brands, Companies, and Businesses Government Officials
Twitter’s CEO, Elon Musk stated that their employees would manually verify each and every single account, which would be very difficult for them as well. Furthermore, the individual account may show a tiny logo if it is verified by an organization.

Twitter Blue Features

When it comes to the features of Twitter Blue, then along with a Blue checkmark, users will get some exclusive features that will be limited to the paid subscribers of Twitter.

Edit Tweets: Twitter Blue subscribers will be able to edit their Twitter after posting them on the platform.
Prioritized Mentions, Tweets, and Replies: Twitter will prioritize the tweets, replies, or mentions on a post of a Twitter Blue subscriber.

50% Lesser Ads: Twitter will not throw more advertisements on the Twitter blue subscribers’ feed. Paid subscribers will see 50% lesser ads than regular users.

Post Lengthy Videos (High Quality): Twitter Blue subscribers will be able to post longer videos. Until now, whether verified or not, users could not post videos that were longer than 2 or 2:30 minutes. Moreover, subscribers will be able to post videos in 1080p resolution.

Early Access to Features: Twitter will push new and exclusive features to the premium users of Twitter which will not be accessible by normal users.

Why are Apple users paying more for the Twitter Blue plan?

According to the website TechCrunch, Apple iPhones are being charged higher because Twitter wants to prevent the 30% charges by Apple on their platform.

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