10 Best Calendar Apps For Mac In 2024

Finding the ideal calendar app for your Mac can revolutionize how you organize your schedule. With a myriad of options available, selecting the best one can be daunting. Discovering the top calendar apps tailored for Mac users requires a keen eye for intuitive design, robust features, and seamless integration.

These apps offer a blend of functionality and user-friendly interfaces, simplifying your daily planning and ensuring you stay on top of your commitments. Let’s delve into the realm of the best calendar apps for Mac that elevate productivity and organization to new heights.

It includes an application which can schedule tasks, add events, show weather forecasts, give you reminders, let you share your tasks with others, sync multiple accounts plus allow customization and more. 

10 Best Free Calendar Apps for Mac

1. Fantastical – Calendar 

Fantastical - Calendar 

Fantastical is one of the best calendar apps for Mac with its unique yet customizable options. The details on the calendar app will make you fall in love with it as it will keep all the reminders at one place. You also get a day, week, month and year view, quick access mini window, and create different calendars for multiple locations. Use it to invite others and respond to calendar invites .


  • Smart Task and event allotments.
  • Allows adding video calls reminders.
  • Create repeating events easily. 

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2. Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is also among the best calendar apps for Mac. If you ask how, well with the email, contacts support it also give you the best features or the task management on its calendar. You can plan very well with its scheduling options to manage the tasks, events in advance. Use it with your Gmail, Yahoo Mail, POP accounts, IMAP, iCloud, Office 365 and more. 


  • Share your Calendar, track RSVPs etc.
  • Sync with your Team meetings.
  • Works with Office 365, Outlook.com, Gmail. 

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3. BusyCal


BusyCal is another of the best calendar apps for Mac. It can help you easily get a customised view, integrate tasks, use smart filters, weather updates and alarms. The use of BusyContacts can be helpful to add contacts to the events.

It supports major services such as iCloud, Google, Office 365, Reminders, Zoom, CalDAV etc. Info panel lets you quickly view and edit the tasks and events and helps you stay scheduled. 

Features –

  • Easily sync and share your calendars.
  • Add graphics to highlight events in the calendar.
  • Useful alarm reminders in the floating window.

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4. Mini Calendar

Mini Calendar

Mini Calendar is a popular choice for the calendar apps for Mac. It has a sleek look with multiple ways to view your calendar – on Desktop, from Dock and from the Menu bar. It is a lightweight application which comes free of cost and gives you the view of your monthly calendar on Mac. Customisable colours and display items such as date, time, weekly or monthly view. 


  • Configure the calendar to popup with shortcuts.
  • Option to enable Always on desktop calendar.
  • Shows sunrise and sunset times with date and time.

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5. Calendar 366 II 

Calendar 366 II 

Calendar 366 II is one of the calendar apps for Mac which is equipped with different views and themes. Customise your date, time, icons on the menu bar, colour for events, fonts and reminders. Adjustable for users in both – Portrait and Landscape modes. Supports the major calendar apps used on Mac such as native Apple Calendar, Google and Outlook. 


  • Easy to manage and edit the invitations.
  • Sync documents and applications.
  • Travel time support for car and foot.

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6. InstaCal – Menu Bar Calendar


InstaCal changes the menu bar option for your Mac calendar. This is one calendar app for Mac that can be used for the Menu bar icon calendar that every Mac user dreams of. The ease of access with integrated options will make you very happy. Very affordable application with the features of viewing, editing and inviting others to the calendar. 


  • Configure the keyboard shortcuts as per requirements.
  • Easy view for event sns reminders. 
  • Supports Google Calendar, Outlook and Office 365.

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7. Morgan


Morgan is one of the solutions for the people who use devices with different operating systems. As this calendar app for Mac is also available for Windows and Linux and it can be integrated together. One click join and Quick peek make it easy to view the Calendar with keyboard shortcuts. It can also support upto 9 secondary time zones for your team mates. 


  • Connect to Microsoft, CalDAV, Google and Outlook.
  • Send links to others for showing the availability.
  • Merge the same event across the calendars.

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8. Calendars

free Calendar Apps For Mac

Calendars by Qbix Inc. is also one of those calendar apps for Mac to look out for. It comes with some of the detailed views for the events and gives you a scenic view. The application also lets you access all of the events, birthdays from Google and Facebook, and weather in one place. Get it from the dock and use the different views – Compact or Full month. 


  • 20 beautiful themes.
  • Integration with Facebook.
  • Supports iCal and BusyCal events.

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9. Planner Pro – Daily Calendar

Calendar Apps For Mac

Planner Pro is a daily calendar app for Mac which has a very similar look to an organiser. It will help you keep the tasks and events managed with the different views. The clean interface helps you see the tasks with the uploaded media files.

Add notes in addition to keep a clear picture of the tasks and events on the go as it syncs with the iOS devices.   


  • Quick editing tools for Calendar events. 
  • Various statuses for Tasks and Projects.
  • Manually allocate the time slots.

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10. Informant

best Calendar Apps For Mac

Informant is a wonderful calendar app for Mac which comes with the facility to integrate other applications on your device. Use the Quicklook to have a summary on your assigned task or event on a date. Different templates with customisation are available in multiple fonts and colours.

It seamlessly combines a calendar, task manager, and notes application, offering a holistic solution for managing your personal and professional life. With its intuitive interface and advanced features, Informant helps users stay organized, plan their schedules, and increase productivity.

Features –

  • Works as a planner and organiser.
  • Add smart task filters to your projects.
  • Sync with Google Calendar, Evernote etc.

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Top 10 Calendar Apps for Mac in a nutshell – 

Product NameBest ForPlatformPriceFree TrialFile SizeLatest Version
Fantastical – CalendarTo-do list and reminders with voice over support and moremacOS 10.13.2 or later$68.7Yes226.4 MB3.8.8
Microsoft OutlookPopular cross platform email and calendar appmacOS 10.15 or later$69.99Yes953.5 MB16.63
BusyCalFlexible app with customise options and smart filtersmacOS 10.12 or later$33.99Yes59.5 MB2022.3.1
Mini CalendarLightweight calendar for basic tasksmacOS 10.10 or later$0Yes1.2 MB1.5.8
Calendar 366 IIEasy use with support from multiple apps for event and locationmacOS 10.12.2 or later$14.99Yes15.8 MB2.12.3
InstaCalAdd Google calendar, Office 365, Outlook and ApplemacOS 10.11 or later$4.99Yes5 MB1.9.8
MorganIntegrates all apps including VoIP calling appsmacOS 10.11 or later$48.00YesNANA
Calendars by Qbix IncWorks with other calendar apps and  shows weather updatesmacOS 10.9 or later$15.99Yes18.3 MB3.0
Planner ProSmall application to keep notes, tasks and events scheduledmacOS 10.10 or later$24.99No2.4 MB2.0
InformantSimple task manager on the calendar and informs for meetings with Google CalendarmacOS 10.14 or later$49.99Yes44.6 MB1.1.25

Frequently Asked Questions –

Q1. Is there a Calendar app for Mac?

Yes, the inbuilt Apple Calendar is the best among the calendar apps for Mac users who are not looking for anything advanced. But if you like to keep a tab on the upcoming events, tasks and get reminders on it, install another application.

Q2. How do I get a Calendar on my Mac?

Apart from the built-in Apple Calendar on Mac which is easily accessible on the Desktop, you can download any of the calendar apps from the Mac App Store.

Q3. How do I download Apple calendar on Mac?

You do not need to download Apple Calendar on Mac as it comes preinstalled. It can used with any of the accounts of iCloud, Yahoo Mail, Google. 

Q4. What is the best Google Calendar app for Mac?

Fantastical and BusyCal can be used as the best calendar apps for Mac to integrate the Google Calendar. 

Q5. Can you get Google Calendar on Mac?

Yes, Google Calendar on Mac can be used from the browser as it is available online. It can also be used with multiple other calendar applications to view the tasks and events on them once synced.


In conclusion, the best calendar apps for Mac offer a wide range of features and functionalities that cater to the diverse needs of macOS users. From Apple’s native Calendar to third-party options like Fantastical and BusyCal, these applications provide intuitive interfaces, robust event management, seamless integration with other apps, and efficient scheduling features.

Whether you’re a professional, a student, or simply looking to organize your personal life, these calendar apps are designed to enhance your productivity and ensure you never miss an important event or appointment. Selecting the right calendar app tailored to your specific requirements can significantly boost your efficiency and time management, making it a valuable addition to your Mac productivity toolbox.

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