7 Best Photo Scanners For Mac

Most of the people look for a scanner only when they require to scan a document to upload online. But it’s rather a device which proves to be more fruitful and comes in a variety of usage. If you wish to scan the photographs on your Mac, a designated Mac photo scanner is required. As most of the regular scanners are not good when it comes to scanning photographs.

Digitising pictures can be used by professional photographers or home users. Whatever the need be, you need the best photo scanner for Mac. As they come equipped with the features to scan negatives, black & white pictures and others while maintaining the colours. Checkout the list of the Photos scanner for Mac and select one for yourself.

7 Best Photo Scanners For Mac You Must Use

1. Epson Perfection V600

Epson Perfection V600Epson Perfection V600 is the best photo scanner for Mac as it comes with all the necessary features. This flatbed scanner for Mac has a great quality of scan at 6400 x 9600 DPI and the optical density of 3.4 Dmax, which is great for photos, documents, films or any slides, It has an Epson Easy Photo Fix for easy restoration of photographs.

It comes equipped with the ABBY FineReader for OCR technology to convert the scanned text into editable digital documents. Also an Inbuilt transparency unit film holder to be used for scanning negatives and panoramic films. 

Features –

  • Allows enlarging films in great clarity.
  • One button for scanning, copying, scanning email and creating PDF.
  • Entirely automatic functions.

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2. Plustek ePhoto Z300 –

Plustek ePhoto Z300
PlusTek ePhoto Z300 is another in the list of the best photo scanner for Mac with different scanning modes. It has an optical resolution of 300 Dpi and an image sensor with Colour CCD. Its unique design makes it stand apart from any other scanner and the look of a compact- lightweight scanner wins heart.

Use it to scan your old photographs in 2 seconds which makes it a great competition for flatbed scanners.

Features –

  • Automatic scanning features speed up the process.
  • Uses Art imaging technologies to improve the digitised format.
  • Share directly to Facebook, Google Drive, email etc.

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3. Canon LiDe 300 –

Canon LiDe 300
Canon LiDE 300 is a flatbed scanner for Mac with multiple features to be used as one of the best scanners for Mac to produce PDFs. Its scanning speed is 300 dpi for an A4 size of paper which is roughly 10 seconds. Easy to use buttons for different actions gives the user options to quickly learn how to scan on Mac.

The Auto Scan makes it possible to detect what’s being scanned and save it to edit on Mac.

Features –

  • EZ buttons with one-touch tech to scan PDF or Photos.
  • Z-lid makes it possible to scan photos in bulky albums and stacks.
  •  Lightweight and easy to connect via USB.

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4. Epson Perfection V850 Pro Flatbed Photo Scanner –

Image Scanners For Mac
This is another best photo scanner for Mac from Epson in the same range of Perfection V850. It is a dedicated photo scanner for Mac with 6400 x 9600 Dpi and 4.0 Dmax for enhanced film scanning. It has two sets of film holders which come with an adjustable height  and dual lens system to help users.

The digital images produced using this photo scanner for Mac are refined in quality and with better resolutions.

Features –

  • Uses Epson ReadyScan LED technology.
  • Superior quality of photos and films scanned.
  • Energy saving with Zero warm-up time.

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5. Epson FastFoto FF-680W

Epson FastFoto FF-680W

FastFoto FF-680W is another of the best scanners for Mac which is a high speed photo scanning system. It works on Wireless technology and gives you freedom to scan and digitise photographs from anywhere in the wireless network.

This is also one of the fastest photo scanners for Mac to scan upto 1 photo per second. It is easy to restore, organise and save and share.

Features –

  • Fastest photo scanner with auto enhancement.
  • Photos, documents, panoramas, postcards and more.
  • Works with mobile app to capture voice and create slideshows

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6. Sharper Image Rapid Photo Album Scanner –

best Photo Scanners For Mac

Rapid Photo Album Scanner from Sharper Image are good Mac photo scanners. They come with useful functions such as copying pictures or removing them from the entire album. Placing it over the image helps it to copy it with one button command and the CMOS sensor helps in yielding results.

This negative scanner for Mac works on 35 mm negatives as well.

Features –

  • Produces glare-free and high quality digital images.
  • Includes a memory card to store images.
  • Easily converts black & White negatives and slides to JPEG images.

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7. Doxie go SE Smart Wireless

Photo Scanners For Mac

Doxie  Go SE is an image scanner for Mac which is wireless and a small utility which works on modern scanning. The simple to use device is easy to recharge with a battery and comes with an expandable memory. It is a photo scanner for Mac in a tiny design which can be carried anywhere and easily scan photos, documents, films and more. Save, archive or share them after digitising them 

Features –

  • Portable image scanner for Mac.
  • It can scan anywhere with or without a Mac.
  • Share on Dropbox, OneNOte, iCloud, Evernote and others.

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Top 7 Photo Scanners for Mac in a nutshell –

Product NameBest ForPlatformPrice
Epson Perfection V600Feature loaded photo scanner for Mac with auto functionality.macOS 10.11 or later$299.99
Plustek ePhoto Z300Unique design, auto scan functionality and compact scanner.macOS 10.8 or later$199
Canon LiDe 300Reliable, flatbed scanner for Mac with extensive features.macOS 10.11.6 to macOS 10.13$69.99
Epson Perfection V850 Pro Flatbed Photo ScannerHigher resolution photo scanner with energy saving features.macOS 10.11 or later$1,299
Epson FastFoto FF-680W Wireless High Speed Photo Scanning SystemPowerful and quick photo scanner for Mac with creative features.macOS 10.11 or later$599.99
Sharper Image Rapid Photo Album ScannerEasy and simple photo scanner with good customisation options.macOS 10.5 or later$219.99
Doxie go SE Smart Wireless Compact and portable photo scanner for Mac with cloud sharing options.macOS 10.11 or later$219

Frequently Asked Questions –

Q1. What photo scanners are compatible with Mac?

Multiple photo scanners for Mac are available to be used for scanning photos, films, negatives, documents on Mac. Epson makes some of the best scanners, check them out in the list above.

Q2. Does Apple make a photo scanner?

If you are looking for a Mac photo scanner which is developed by Apple, then the answer is no. You can easily take help from any of the above mentioned image scanners for Mac by connecting it to your Mac.

Q3. How do I scan a photo into my Mac?

If you wish to scan a photo into your Mac, use one of the scanners and then use the hard copy of the photo with it to create a digital image and save it.

Q4. What is the best photo scanner for old photos?

Best photo scanner for old photos to be used on Mac is Epson Perfection V600 flatbed scanner for Mac. 


Now, you have a good idea about the different types of scanners available for Mac. You can select the one you like according to your use and purposes. There are scanners such as Epson Perfection V600 which focus on the high quality and colour correction of old photographs.

Whereas, the Epson FastFoto FF-680W is an image scanner for Mac which scans one photo per second. Others are available for their portability or design comfort and the tech used to scan and connect to your Mac. 

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