9 Best Stock Trading Software For Mac

Online stock trading has been among the most lucrative propositions for quite long now, it’s not everyone’s ball game although. But whether you are just a beginner or experienced trader, the best Stock Trading Software for Mac would make a world of difference from being profitable or running into loss.

And choosing an ideal software for trading stocks takes lots of research and analysis about various factors. Don’t worry, for your convenience we have curated a list of best stock trading apps for Mac after considering all important factors to choose from.

What is Stock Trading Software

As the name suggests, Stock Trading Software is an application which provides a platform for users to analyse and trade various financial products like currencies, stocks, bonds and derivatives with financial intermediaries such as broker, market maker or stock exchange. 

Unlike traditional floor trading methods, investors and traders can use trading software to place trades from any location. Important features of Stock Trading Software are live market prices, news feeds, place orders, charting packages, fundamental and technical analysis. 

Things to Consider While Choosing Stock Trading Software

Following are the important factors to consider while choosing the right Stock Trading Software for your requirements. 

1. Easy interface – The ease of use is of paramount importance to consider for choosing the Software for Mac. Always choose software with a friendly interface and easy learning curve, so that you don’t need to spend an enormous amount of time learning how to navigate around. 

2. Security features – A robust security and privacy feature is a given to consider before choosing. Go through how many layers of encryptions are being implemented and security protocols are being used before making the choice. 

3. Hidden fees – Although most Stock Trading Softwares are pretty transperant about their fees, it’s never too bad to check for any hidden fees that you need to pay for every transaction you perform. 

4. Flexible transactions – Since trading requires quite a bit of transactions and it is important to check how flexible with depositing and withdrawing funds from your account. 

5. Currency options – It’s an added bonus to have support for a variety of currency options while trading. It also helps with money transactions from no matter which area you choose to invest. 

List of 9 Best Stock Trading Software for Mac

1. TradingView

Stock Trading Software For Mac

On top of the list for Best Stock Trading Software for Mac we have TradingView, which is extremely beginner friendly and experienced alike. This desktop app is much faster and highly reliable with robust security measures. It is cross platform compatible along with support for both iOS and Android mobile apps. 


  • Highly beginner friendly. 
  • Fast and reliable macOS app. 
  • Multi-monitor native support
  • Cross-platform compatible with mobile apps.

Check it here

2. eToro  

Best Stock Trading Software For Mac

eToro has been among the Top choice for day trading software for Mac for a very long period. It’s Simple and Clean interface is extremely friendly for both novice and experts alike. Their social trading initiative has been adopted widely and the list of benefited clients is enormous.

To add the advantage the transaction fees are very low and transparent to put your trust in the platform.  


  • Low and transparent fees. 
  • Friendly interface for novices. 
  • Pioneers in social trading. 
  • Easy to use, intuitive interface. 

Check it here

3. IQ Option  

free Stock Trading Software For Mac

IQ Option is emerging as the most favourite Stock Trading Software for Mac and also for many other platforms also. Its ever growing features list, clean and easy to use interface, realtime stocks data charts and beginner friendly interface is getting most adopters lately.

It is cross platform compatible and supports mobile apps for iOS and android. 


  • Easy for beginners and free practice account. 
  • Cross platform compatible with mobile apps. 
  • Simple and easy to use interface. 
  • Real time data charts provided. 

Check it here

4. MotiveWave  

Software For trading stock

MotiveWave stands as a comprehensive and dynamic trading platform revered by professionals and enthusiasts alike in the realm of financial markets. This sophisticated software amalgamates cutting-edge analysis tools, advanced charting capabilities, and robust trading functionalities, empowering traders with a wealth of resources to make informed decisions.

This tool caters to traders across various skill levels, from novices to seasoned professionals, fostering an environment conducive to successful trading strategies. Its versatility and powerful technical analysis tools position MotiveWave as a pivotal instrument in the arsenal of traders navigating the complexities of financial markets


  • Cross platform compatible. 
  • Beautiful, easy to analyse trading charts. 
  • Good user-friendly interface for beginners. 
  • Customisable user preferences. 

Check it here

5. Market Gear  

Market Gear  

Market Gear is another relatively new Stock Trading Software for Mac which also supports desktop clients for other platforms and mobile device apps. It is an All in One trading platform supporting features such as trading, charting, screening, sharing and also customisation for screen strategies. 


  • All in one trading Platform. 
  • Customizable screener strategies. 
  • Simple, easy and fast interface. 
  • Can share trades with others. 

Check it here

6. StockMarketEye for Mac

StockMarketEye for Mac

StockMarketEye for Mac is a great stock portfolio tracking app which provides real time dynamic stock charts to help understand the market better. It’s easy to understand, the simple interface is a breeze to navigate and provides an overview of the market. It is cross platform compatible and supports mobile apps as well. 


  • Excellent stock portfolio tracking tool. 
  • View real time stock chart data.
  • Supports multi-currency. 
  • Simple and easy interface. 

Check it here

7. ProTA  


ProTA is a dedicated Stock Trading Software for Mac and iOS which provides complete market charts and technical analysis. It’s interface was designed specially to integrate with Apple and provide elegant and modern techniques for Mac users.

The Real time data is downloaded automatically to provide fast, free analysis for various trading and investments. 


  • Combined Fundamental and Technical Analysis. 
  • Real time automatic data provided. 
  • Supports all Apple devices. 
  • Highly customisable to your preference. 

Check it here

8. TC2000


TC2000 is another excellent Stock Trading Software for Mac which also supports all platforms and provides both iOS and android mobile apps. It’s easy to use interface is highly polished to provide relevant information beautifully to analyse. For beginners it provides unlimited practice for free to get better. 


  • Polished, easy to use interface. 
  • Supports all platforms and devices. 
  • For beginners, free unlimited practice
  • Highly customisable workspace. 

Check it here

9. Latinum 


Finally last on the list is Latinum, which is another excellent Stock Trading Software. Since it is a native application, everything is very fast and responsive and does not require a web browser, Java or .Net to be installed. This app provides Stock Charts data from IEX Cloud and supports trading only through Forex brokers. 


  • Cross platform compatible. 
  • Supports Stocks, Cryptos, Forex and CFDs. 
  • Fast native desktop app. 
  • Stock data provided by IEX Cloud. 

Check it here

Frequently Asked Questions –

Q1. Can I use a Mac for trading?

Yes it’s been found that Mac is an excellent System for trading with smooth operation and efficient performance. 

Q2. Does Apple have a trading platform?

No, there is no trading platform provided by Apple. You have to rely on third party applications for stock trading on Mac. Select one for yourself from the aforementioned in this blog. 

Q3. Which is the best software for trading?

We highly recommend TradingView to be the best trading software for Mac, which is highly user friendly for beginner and experienced alike. 

Q4. Is nest trader available for Mac?

Unfortunately NO, currently NEST trader is Windows exclusive but promises for future Mac release on the cards. You can checkout another of the best stock apps for Mac from the list above. 

Q5. Does Lightspeed Trader work on Mac?

Yes, quite recently Lightspeed Trader has been developed to support desktop apps for Mac. 


In summary, the best stock trading software for Mac embodies a fusion of powerful analytics, intuitive interfaces, and comprehensive trading tools, catering to a spectrum of investors and traders. These platforms empower users with real-time data, customizable charts, and diverse indicators, fostering informed decision-making in the volatile world of stock markets.

With seamless integration and user-friendly designs, these software offerings provide a competitive edge, enabling users to execute strategies efficiently while adapting to evolving market trends. Whether for beginners or seasoned professionals, these top-notch stock trading software options exemplify the pinnacle of innovation, transforming Mac into a hub for successful trading endeavors.

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