7 Best HEIC to JPG Converters on Mac

Best HEIC to JPG Converters

HEIC is one of the newest image file formats with several great features. However, the file format isn’t compatible with many operating systems and devices. Anyone keen to view HEIC files must convert these files to widely compatible formats like JPG or PNG.  If you are a mac user and want to convert HEIC to JPG format and makes it easy for everyone to view previously unreadable files on all devices.

7 Best HEIC to JPG Converters on Mac 

See what the best HEIC to JPG converters on Mac provide and how these apps allow users to view images on most devices.

1. Wondershare PDFelement


Wondershare PDFelement is a versatile PDF tool that allows Mac users to view portable documents, convert images, and do so much more. This HEIC to JPG converter on Mac comes with a highlighting tool that allows users to select multiple HEIC files for conversion simultaneously. It also provides other essential features to help you edit HEIC files before you convert them. 

You can also secure your edited HEIC to JPG files with features like digital signatures and passwords to prevent unauthorized use of your images. 

Major Wondershare PDFelement Features

  • Bulk file selection
  • Security features (file lock, digital signatures, etc.)
  • Multi-format image converter

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2. iMazing


iMazing HEIC converter has a simple interface that allows users to change HEIC to JPG files in easy steps. This app comes with a massive upload box that allows users to drag and drop photos they want to be changed from HEIC to JPG. 

iMazing has no upload limit, so you can add hundreds of HEIC files for simultaneous conversion. Next, you can select JPG as your preferred output file format and tap Convert. A window will appear where you can choose the location of your output files.  

Major iMazing HEIC Converter Features

  • Large upload size
  • Drag-and-drop selection
  • Converts images to over four (4) different formats

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3. HEIC Converter

HEIC Converter

Mac users looking for a basic image conversion tool will fancy the HEIC converter. The HEIC converter is a simple-looking app that allows users to drag files from their local folders for quick conversion to multiple formats. 

Major HEIC Converter Features

  • 4-step file conversion
  • Multiple formats available (JPG, PNG, etc.)
  • Edit options available

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4. FonePaw HEIC Converter

FonePaw HEIC Converter

FonePaw is one of the simplest software anyone can use to convert HEIC files to JPG and other image formats. 

The software also features a list window where users can choose their preferred new file format. FonePaw also provides a window to change file settings like image quality, output source, and other essential options. 

The conversion process will start after you select all options and save the new JPG file in your preferred location. The app also supports bulk conversions, so anyone can select multiple HEIC files and convert them to JPG at once.

Major FonePaw HEIC Converter Features

  • Image quality and output source selection
  • Bulk image converter
  • Drag-and-drop selection

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5. Preview


Mac devices come with a built-in HEIC to JPG converter, commonly called Preview. The app allows Mac users to convert HEIC files to PSG, PNG, TIFF, JPG, and other formats. 

You can convert HEIC to JPEG on Preview using the following steps:

  • Open the HEIC file in the Preview app,
  • Click File, 
  • Select Export,
  • Choose JPG or JPEG from the dropdown menu, and
  • Tap Save

Preview is easy to use and has a simple interface Mac users can easily navigate. However, it’s not the best among HEIC to JPG converters on Mac, especially when you want to create multiple files at once. 

Preview also works as a PDF combiner, converter, password adder, and much more. 

Major Preview Features

  • Converts image files from HEIC to JPG and over three other formats,
  • Supports bulk conversion of image files, and 
  • Offers editing options

In-built tool

6. CloudConvert


CloudConvert is an online conversion tool ideal for creating new files in different readable formats. The app allows users to create new spreadsheets, vectors, images, and CAD files with ease. 

Users can use the simple ‘Add Files’ button to select images they wish to convert from HEIC to JPG at once. Another window also allows users to choose the image output type and other settings. You can use the app to select image quality, resolution, and other essential options before converting to JPG. 

CloudConvert has free and paid bundles for users. The free plan allows all users to convert 25 files every day, so it’s a great choice if you don’t need to view too many HEIC files in JPG format. 

Users keen to convert bulk HEIC files can also take advantage of paid plans to get 500 conversion minutes or more. The basic plan costs $9 per 500 minutes and other premium bundles give more conversion time to subscribers. 

Major CloudConvert Features

  • Free image converter
  • Large file addition window
  • Multi-format image converter

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7. Apowersoft HEIC Converter

Apowersoft HEIC converter

Apowersoft HEIC converter is an online app that allows anyone with a Web browser to convert images to JPG in simple steps. It comes with a large box where you can upload as many HEIC files as you want for batch conversion. 

The app also comes with a progress bar where you can monitor the speed of your conversion. Users can also download converted files for free and save these images in any folder on their Mac. 

Major Apowersoft HEIC Converter Features

  • Free image downloads
  • Image resolution and output quality selection
  • Large progress bar to monitor conversions

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