MurGaa Auto Clicker Review – A Tool to Automate Your Mouse Click

Have you ever wished to get any task automated to get rid of a repetitive activity? Well, there is always some software to help you out. In this case when you are looking to automate the task of clicking on the mouse while using the Mac can be done by using MurGaa Auto Clicker.

Let’s learn what this application can do and where you can get it for your Mac.

What is MurGaa Auto Clicker

MurGaa Auto Clicker is an automation utility for Mac that lets you automate various mouse functionality for any set number of times you want. It is also available for the latest Mac with Intel or M1 processor, with fully loaded features for trial period.

Its easy to use and simple interface provides various customisation options, you can set automatic functionality for left or right Mouse button clicking for preferred time limit. 

MurGaa Auto Clicker
You can use different options provided to auto start and stop the clicking functionality of the mouse cursor depending on your usage and convenience. 

Technical Specification –

  • Vendor –
  • Latest Version – v32.9
  • Free Version – Yes, limited free trial.
  • Operating Systems supported – macOS
  • Tech Support – via Email, Documentation, FAQs and Tutorials.

Key Features – 

  • Excellent Automation configuration options to choose. 
  • Keyboard shortcuts to automate the start and stop functionality.
  • Setup time period and number of clicks automatically for mouse cursor .
  • Add delay between click upto milliseconds
  • Allocate the Mouse cursor location.
  • Can set up auto movement of the mouse cursor.
  • Works for both single, double and left & right click automations.
  • Video Tutorials within the tool.
  • Set audible alerts for notifications.

Pricing –

The MurGaa Auto Clicker is priced at $6.54 for 6 months and comes with a trial period 

Pros and Cons – 

Pros Cons
Easy interface to setup automation.Limited free trial version
Multiple different Auto mouse clicking featuresDoes not assure online privacy
Configuration options for number of clicks, time period and movements6 months Paid Model
Supports latest Mac versions with M1 chip.

How to Use MurGaa Auto Clicker 

Step 1: Download MurGaa Auto Clicker from the official website. Complete the installation and grant necessary permissions. 

Step 2: Launch it on your Mac and then go to the Menu and assign the number of the clicks in the first section. 

Second, go to the Delay between Clicks and give a number for the seconds and milliseconds to be precise. 

Add as many configurations as possible and required by you and then start using the best auto clicker for mac for the assigned tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions –

Q1. Is MurGaa Auto Clicker safe?

Yes, MurGaa Auto Clicker is safe to download from its official website. 

Q2. Does Mac have a built-in auto clicker?

Unfortunately No, Apple does not provide built-in Auto Clicker on Mac. Instead you can get third-party applications such as MurGaa Auto Clicker.. 

Q3. Is MurGaa auto clicker free ?

MurGaa Auto Clicker does offer a limited free trial period to evaluate the software with full features and then unlock the software at $6.54 for 6 months for Mac. 


In conclusion, the MurGaa Auto Clicker offers a straightforward and efficient solution for automating repetitive clicking tasks on your Mac. It’s user-friendly, allowing you to set custom click intervals and locations.

While it lacks some advanced features found in other auto clicker software, its simplicity and reliability make it a suitable choice for those who need basic automation. Whether you’re a gamer looking to automate gameplay or a professional streamlining tasks, MurGaa Auto Clicker can save you time and effort.

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