Safari vs Chrome For Mac: Which browser is better in 2024

Safari is a default web browser provided with all Apple products and yet Google Chrome is the most popular and downloaded web browser across the globe. Chrome has the distinctive advantage of having a plethora of features and customisation options, while Safari is much faster and greatly compatible with Apple devices.

We are here helping you decide which browser is the best between them both by providing a comprehensive comparison review of Safari vs Google Chrome. 

Safari vs Chrome For Mac – The Detailed Comparison

To help you decide better between Safari vs Chrome battle, we have put through these two browsers on various test criteria and here are the evaluations for them each: 

Criteria 1 : Useful features list

When it comes to useful features to enrich the user experience, Chrome has it all. However, Safari is much more compatible with Apple products, it gives you all the required features such as Sync access apple devices, Reader mode, Quick Note, Multiple translation, Live Text and many more.

But Chrome provides more user productivity features to help improve user experience such as searchable address bar, password check, sync access devices and many more. 

Criteria 2 : Ease of use & Interface 

User Interface is highly subjective to the users due to their preferences like simple, elegant, easy to use, etc.

Although Safari is built for the Apple ecosystem and it integrates much better compared to Chrome on Apple devices. Similarly Chrome was designed to be a comprehensive user centric browser with multi options easily accessible. 

Criteria 3 : Performance & Response 

The major difference between Safari vs Chrome is mostly related to how they approach the performance aspect.

Whereas Safari is a much faster and very responsive browser which requires a limited amount of system resources, on the other hand Chrome is a system resource hogging browser a well known fact which evidently means an intensive application to do much more work done. 

Criteria 4 : Security and Privacy protection

When it comes to Security aspect while browsing online both Safari and Chrome provide robust security features to warn of multiple online threats, malicious contents and malware attacks. However, Chrome gets updated for latest security fixes more regularly compared to Safari to help keep you protected online.

Similarly both browsers have a strong privacy protection policy, which you can customise according to your preferences to reduce online tracking and personal information sharing.  

Criteria 5 : Plugins and Extensions

The strongest point of Chrome is its exhaustive list of extensions that you can install to improve functionality by far compared to Safari.

Although Safari does provide its own extensive list of extensions to improve the user experience, it is nowhere near as compared to Chrome. So between Safari vs Chrome related to Extensions and plugins, Chrome takes the cake for its leading number of options. 

Comparison table of Safari vs Chrome

Features Highly compatible with Apple products and supports most required features. Best for Apple devices with excellent sync features and iCloud integration.Has the upper hand with most productivity and useful features for better experience. Along with great customisation options to adjust for your preferences.
Performance Faster and powerful browser, utilising limited system resources.Consumes much more system resources and might slow down depending on available resources.
User InterfaceSimple and Elegant interface to compliment Apple ecosystem with clutter free approach.Comprehensive user experience centric interface to appeal for all platforms with easy access.
Platform Support Comes pre-installed with all Apple devices.Cross platform compatible with support for all mobile devices.
Security Robust security features provided by Apple to protect from all forms of threats and malicious attacks.Comprehensive security features to help browse securely and customise the same according to user preference.
PrivacyStrong privacy protection policies to avoid any privacy breaches with powerful encryptions.Provides highly customisable privacy settings to help secure your personal information and other confidential details.
ExtensionsExtensive list of extensions from App Store to help you enhance browser functionality on all Apple devices.Unmatched list of extensions and plugins compared to all browsers to improve functionality and  browsing experiences by biggest margin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Chrome better than Safari? 

Depending on what you are looking at from a web browser such as, Safari is much faster and compatible with Apple devices, whereas Chrome is highly customisable with a plethora of features. 

Q2. What is the difference between using Safari and Chrome?

Safari comes preloaded with all Apple devices while Chrome is the most popular web browser compared to all. The difference between using Safari and Chrome is mostly related to Safari for performance and Chrome for customisation . 

Q3. Why Should You Use Safari?

You should consider Safari for its faster performance and superior compatibility with Apple devices along with great useful features. One can find a number of integrations and easy share options while using Safari on Mac, iPhone or iPad.

Q4. Does anyone use Safari anymore?

Yes, in fact Safari is one of the best browsers for mac. Most Apple users still prefer using Safari for its strong performance and powerful security & privacy protection. 

Q5. Which is faster: Safari or Chrome?

Between Safari vs Chrome, Safari is a much faster performer with its limited system resource requirements.However, Chrome provides better online experience with great browning engines.  


Which one out of Safari Vs Chrome on Mac is your favourite? Both Safari and Chrome web browsers clearly have their own advantages and features. As you can read above, Safari is more compatible with Apple devices whereas Chrome has the upper hand when it comes to customisation.

Ideally using both the web browsers for specific requirements like personal browsing and professional work would make lots of sense. Make sure to select Safari for the quick and less system resource requirement tasks whereas pick Chrome for elaborate customisation and functionality requirements. 

Both browsers continue to innovate, ensuring a competitive web surfing experience.

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