What Is Core Sync on Mac? How to Fix Core Sync High CPU Usage

Recently on your Mac a Core Sync popped up asking for your permission? Or you noticed Core Sync is taking up significantly high CPU usage from Activity Monitor?  Lots of questions and we will help clarify all of them here, what Core Sync is, if it is safe, why do you need it and how to fix this issue.

What Is Core Sync on Mac?

What Is Core Sync on Mac

Core Sync is an Adobe Creative Cloud sync process which runs in background each time you are working on your Adobe projects to aid in seamless sync between your Mac and the Adobe cloud server.

It comes with the installation package of the Adobe softwares, and is only supposed to run in background when you are using any Adobe tools on your Mac. It asks for your Permission each time it needs to perform Sync functionality between your Mac and Adobe Cloud Server. 

Is Core Sync safe?

Core Sync is an integral part of Adobe services, and Adobe itself is very safe and trustworthy to make Core Sync absolutely safe to run on your Mac. It gets more prominent when Core Sync constantly asks for your permission to access files and folders to be Sync with Adobe Server.

However, ain’t there no such tool that can’t be hacked and turned malicious due to bugs, so keep an eye on the Core Sync functionality and system resource utilisation regularly to determine if you want to let it continue on your Mac. 

How to Fix Core Sync High CPU Usage ?

Thus, Core Sync require a considerable amount of System resources to perform its Sync functionality, resulting in High CPU Usage. However, this should be the case only when you have been working on Adobe Creative Services, or you have recently made a change to it.

Core Sync High CPU Usage

If not then there might be other influences which are making Core Sync to consume High CPU usage such as system bugs or malicious attacks. You can follow below given suggestions to solve the CPU usage : 

1. Wait till the Sync process is over after you are done working on your Adobe Creative Cloud Services. This might take a few mins to let Core Sync do Syncing data between your Mac and Adobe Cloud Server. 

2. If the CPU usage is still high after doing Syncing, then Check if the Adobe Creative Cloud needs updating. Run updates from the application and check if any updates are available. A fresh update will fix any bugs associated with the Core Sync. 

3. Try to Restart your Mac, a fresh reboot would load all the associated login files of the Adobe and might fix any corrupt cache files. 

4. You can completely Uninstall and Reinstall the Adobe Creative Cloud services to remove any corrupt files associated with it. 

How To Remove Delete Core Sync on Mac

It is best that when you uninstall any Adobe softwares from your Mac to also remove Core Sync. Well there is no point in keeping the tool when you don’t need it to Sync data between your Mac and Adobe Server anymore.

As Adobe advises to use its Creative Cloud Cleaner tool to completely and safely remove any redundant Adobe softwares from your Mac.

Thus, we also recommend you to follow below steps using Creative Cloud Cleaner tool to delete Core Sync from your Mac 

1. Foremost, make sure all the data you wanted to be synced is completed and the process is over. 

2. Then quit all the Adobe services running from Activity Monitor including Core Sync. 

3. Save a copy of Adobe Core Sync from this file path : ‘~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CoreSync/ for future reference. 

Creative Cloud Cleaner tool

4. Now Download and run Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner for here, and Follow on screen instructions to setup and accept agreements.  

Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner

5. Finally select All in the upper right corner, and Select CoreSync from the list. Then Click on the ‘Cleanup Selected’ button.

This will remove all the related files and folders of Core Sync from your Mac completely and only the files you have backed up would remain. 


Core Sync is an integral part of Adobe Creative Cloud Services, and Adobe provides some of the best creative tools in the industry that most of us require. As Adobe requires it to constantly Sync its Cloud Server with your Mac to work seamlessly to improve productivity, Core Sync comes into picture and enables this functionality on your Mac.

And it is absolutely safe to use and poses no harm to your Mac, However occasionally it tends to use high CPU resources to perform its task. Sometimes it might be the case of sync functionality, if it is not then follow above given solutions to fix it or remove it altogether if you want to. 

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